• Southern Sweet Tea Recipe

    In my house southern style sweet tea is a must have! Ice cold and sweet as can be, that's how we like it. My husband is from southern Alabama and let me tell you that is where the best sweet tea is. We currently live in Virginia and while it is technically the south they do not know what sweet tea is. I hope you enjoy this recipe and your family does as well. 

    Southern Sweet Tea 

    Step 1: Boil 3 cups of water

    Step 2: Once boiling add 7 regular tea bags or 4 family size bags 

    Step:3 Steep for 10 minutes 

    Step 4: Add 1 3/4 cups sugar if you don't want it as sweet add 1 cup Optional* 1 pinch of baking soda to cut down on bitterness 

    Step 5: Pour the 3 cups tea into a gallon pitcher

    Step 6: Add cold water to fill pitcher and stir 

    Step 7: Refrigerate and enjoy!

    OPTIONAL: Add some lemon! 

    If you would like to make some use of the benefits of essential oils you can add a drop of Lemon or Citrus Fresh to your glass! Make sure you never use essential oils in plastic.

  • Homemaking Tips

    Are you like me? Is homemaking a struggle at times and you just don't know what to do next, because you are so overwhelmed? Well, you are in in the right place because these tips will have you killing it as a homemaker in no time at all.  

    1. Take a deep breath 

    Take a deep breath and think about what your biggest goals are as far as getting your house in order. Grab a pen and paper and write down your overall goal for your home. You can write a goal for the day or a goal for the month whichever you choose.  

    2. Get all your laundry in one area 

    Get all the laundry in one place and separate it into loads. Start your laundry as soon as possible and do as many loads as you can today. Remember to take a few minutes to put away each load as it finishes in the dryer** This is key to getting on top of your laundry never wait and let it pile up before putting it away because lets be honest you will end up with a huge pile of clean clothes on your bed and will leave them there all day and throw them on the floor or back into a basket when its time for bed.... we've all done it. 

    3. Get dishes done as you go 

    Get all your dishes washed and put away this will make your kitchen look cleaner than you think even if you still have things on the counter just the fact that you do not have any dirty dishes will really help the kitchen to look cleaner and not as daunting of a task. After you have your dishes done clean them as you go from now on. If you have a dishwasher rinse them before you eat and pop them in the dishwasher just do them as they come. Never go to bed with dishes in the sink always try to get them done so when you wake up in the morning you will awaken to a clean and peaceful kitchen.  

    4. Keep toys in the living room to a minimum  

    Have a small basket in the living room or common area of your home for your children to keep a few toys and books that they might want to play with throughout the day, but try to keep toys in the bedrooms to cut down on clutter throughout the house. Trust me it is a big pain in the butt to have to clean toys out of every single room in the house... I don't know how they spread so quickly. 

    5. Plan your meals ahead of time 

    Sit down with a pen and paper or make a note in your phone of the meals you plan to have for the week, make sure you have the items you will need for dinner on hand and ready to go. You will want to know ahead of time what you will be making so you can have the meat thawed and waiting when you are ready to start dinner. Having a meal plan will not only help you to cut down on your grocery bill but it will take a tremendous amount of stress off of you when its time to start cooking. 

    6. Keep your bed made  

    This is my favorite tip because I never realized how important this is. Your room can be a mess, you can have empty water bottles all over the place, makeup strewn across the dresser, clothes on the floor, and by simply making your bed you can completely transform your bedroom (just try it). After you have made your bed your room will look a thousand times better and you will feel motivated and cleaning up the water bottles, makeup, and clothes will only take about 5 minutes.  

    7. Minimize  

    Take a good look at your belongings and see if there is anything you could sell or donate that would free up some valuable space in your home. Having less will cut down on your cleaning time and will make organization much easier, plus getting a little extra cash can never hurt. If you do decide to minimalize your home be intentional with not bringing clutter back into your home. Always ask yourself will this item bring value and joy into my life. 

    8. Vacuum and sweep the floors  

    Vacuum and sweep your floors even if the counters and surfaces aren't perfectly clean a nice freshly vacuumed floor will really make a room look cleaned up quickly and it will make you feel like you have really made progress in that area. 

    9. Do some little things to pull the house together  

    Before your husband gets home or your company comes over do a few little things to spruce up the place and pull it together.  

    - Light a candle or two.

    - Put some oils in your diffuser. ( Purification, Lavender, Peppermint, and Stress Away are nice.)

    -Open a window if the weather is nice.

    - Open up the blinds and let in some natural light. 

    -Fluff couch pillows and fold any blankets. 


    I hope these tips help you to get your house cleaned up and get motivated if you have any ideas for me to add to the list please let me know in the comments!

  • Essential Oils for Relaxing

    I don't know about you but with two little ones that are not in school just yet my days can get kind of crazy. Between cleaning, laundry, school work, preschool prep with my 3 year old, a 1 year old, and a husband, I find it hard to set aside time for myself to relax. My favorite way to relax and get some me time is to start up my oil diffuser and put a few drops of my favorite oil on. After I get my oils on and going I usually sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and write down some thoughts for the day and just take a minute to unwind.  

    I have found that the best oils for when the kids have me stressed and there is just a million things to do are Lavender and Cedarwood. These two oils we use in the house to get the kids to bed it really calms them down and slows the heart rate to prepare you for some good resting. Another oil blend that I love for those stressful times is called Stress Away! Stress Away contains Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Ocotea, and Lavender. Another great oil that I like to use when I am having a lot of anxiety is Idaho Balsam Fir this can really help out with your emotional balance and boost your mood while settling you down and helping you to relax. 

    So if you have a diffuser and you keep any of these oils on hand all you need is 3 drops of Lavender and 3 drops of Cedarwood and you have a great relaxing blend. Also you can add 2 drops of Idaho Balsam Fir as well to your diffuser blend. You can also grab some coconut oil and add 1 drop of Lavender and Cedarwood to make a relaxing rub to apply all over paying special attention to the back of the neck and feet!  

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